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Kongiganak "Airport"

My personal pilot and airplane.

The luxurious "hotel room." $25 per night.

Interior of Kongiganak School

Another interior of Kongiganak School.

Kongiganak School Gym. Also doubles as cafeteria.

Kongiganak School. Grades K-12.

School basketball court. Wooden planks.

Russian Orthodox Church.

"Vote Here"

U. S. Post Office

Moose antlers. Apparently thrown in the trash. Wonder what they're worth in lower 48?

Children of Kongiganak. They wanted their pictures so they could see it on the camera's screen.

Kongiganak child.

Hams for the camera.

Kongiganak child.

Kongiganak child.

The plane from Kongiganak to Kwigillingok. They had to rearrange packages to put in a seat for me.

Kongiganak from the air.