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Last Chance Gulch Pedestrian Mall



One of the bears decorating the pedestrian mall.

The Bullwhacker


Commerce that started during Helena's gold rush days continued to flourish. Traders were supplied by freight wagons from Fort Benton. Driven by noise, the oxen responded to the crack of the whip over their heads and the constant curses of the bullwhacker.

City/County Building


Combined offices of the City of Helena and County of Lewis and Clark.

Panning for Gold


A statue in the Last Chance Gulch Pedestrian Mall.

Mount Helena City Park


This is a 620-acre park in Helena, Montana. The park encompasses Mount Helena which rises 5,468' above sea level, overlooking the city of Helena 1,300' below. The park includes six trails up and around the mountan, some of which connect to other trails in nearby Helena National Forest.

The Newsboy


A statue in the Last Chance Gulch Pedestrian Mall.

Montana State Capitol Building


Before Montana was a state, it was a United States Territory. The city of Helena became the territorial capital in 1875. Montana gained statehood in 1889. In 1894 Montana voters chose Helena in a controversial statewide election. The Montana Legislature voted to spend almost half a million dollars on a state capitol building and construction began in 1899. The state Capitol building was opened for use on the Fourth of July, 1902.

Cathedral of Saint Helena


The Columbia Construction Company of New York began construction of the Cathedral in 1908, the cornerstone was laid on October 4th that year. On November 8,1914 the communtiy of Helena gathered to celebrate the Eucharist for the first time in the new church. The first funeral held in the Cathedral was that of Mr. Thomas Cruse, loyal friend and benefactor, December 26, 1914. The Cathedral was not completed for another 10 years. In June of 1924 the Cathedral was consecrated and set aside for the exclusive worsh

Herd Bull


Sculpture outside the Montana Historical Society.

The Old Fire Tower


Called the Guardian of the Gulch, the Old Fire Tower is an official city landmark. This twenty-five foot fire tower was built in 1876 after a huge fire destroyed the downtown area. The octagonal cab was added in 1886 and last used in 1931. The Guardian of the Gulch was manned around the clock to keep watch over the city. If a fire was spotted, the alarm was sounded to alert the town to begin fighting a fire. The Guardian is the last remaining tower of the many that once existed in Helena. In fact it is one of only five of its kind left standing in the United States.