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Photos 1 through 4 are an aerial view of Kotzebue, Alaska.  The runway stretches across a lagoon and is man-made.  Very rugged and frontier like city.  Can't imagine this place in the winter.


Photo 5 is a discarded plane alongside the runway.  And photo 6 is derelict ship not far out of Kotzebue long ago lost along the coast of Alaska.  Photo 7 is a wind farm on the way into Kotzebue.


Photos 8, 9, 10 and 11 are a family leaving Kotzebue outside of the cafe where I was having dinner.  You can tell from photo 11 that this is no small body of water.  It's Kotzebue Sound which is an arm of the Chukchi Sea.  Kotzebue is about 33 miles north of the Artctic Circle.


Turning around from the family leaving in their boat is a picture of the Nullagavik Hotel where I spent the night after returning from the Native Village of Deering.

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Photos 13 through 15 are from a stop we made on the way to Deering.  This is typically how the people travel during the summer months.  Everybody has a 4 wheeler.


Photos 16 and 17 is an example of the scenery on the way to Deering.

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Photo 18 is an aerial view of Deering.  Photo 19 is the plane that brought me and photo 20 is the airline agent meeting the plane.  Typically a member of the village is the agent for the airline and let's everyone know what time it will arrive.   Never early; sometimes on time; and usually late.


Photo 21 is the typical look of native villages.  There are no local junk yards to take and recycle old equipment items.  Therefore, they are usually left where they died.


Photo 22 is the meadow behind Deering.  The airstrip is located on the other side of the meadow.


Photo 18 shows Deering is located on Kotzebue Sound.  Photos 23 and 24 were taken from the beach on Kotzebue Sound.  Photo 25 is a view of the street of Deering.  The building on the left is the health clinic where I stayed.  Photos 36 and 37 are another view of the street of Deering.


Photos 26 through 32 were taken from the back porch of the health clinic.  Couldn't resist the reflections of the ducks on the water.

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