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These were taken on the way to Koyuk from Nome.  Never did figure out what photo 2 is.  It looks man-made.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4



Photo 5 is of small boats on the beach at Koyuk.  Photo 6 is the landing strip.  And photo 7 is of a Frontier flight landing while we were on the ground.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photos 8 and 9 were taken from the landing strip.  Photo 9 is the Koyuk River which empties into Norton Sound.

Photo 10 was taken from the Native Store (the only place to purchase food and general items).  Probably like the general store in the Old West.  The gray two story building was where I stayed.  A run down apartment where 2 guys were already staying.  They were putting up a cell phone tower.  I got to pay $60 per night for the privilege of sleeping on the couch.

Photos 11 through 14 are of the beach behind the Native Store.

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12

Photo 13

Photo 14



Koyuk has only about 320 residents and many of them are small children.  This one adopted me while a took a walk around the village.  Very cute but difficult to understand because English isn't her first language.  They speak a native language that I didn't get the name of.  She walked with me most of the way and locals seemed unconcerned that she was with me.  Apparently children come and go as they please.  There are some dangerous areas including old buildings, bears, water, etc. but they don't seem bothered by it.

Photos 16 through 21 were taken during my walk through the village.

Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

Photo 18

Photo 19

Photo 20

Photo 21

This diagram was tacked to a bulletin board in area where I was working.  It shows the traditional way to allot the meat of a Beluga Whale.

Photo 22



This is the landing strip on my way out.  I was scheduled to leave Friday but the pilot forgot to call the agent so the agent didn't call me to come to the strip.  Missed the plane and had to spend another night.

Photo 24 shows the Koyuk River but what I was interested in was the speck in the sky which was my flight out.


Photo 23

Photo 24