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This is the view flying into Nome.    In photo 1 you can see the church featured in later photos.  At the top of photos 1 through 8 is Norton Sound. Photos 4 through 8 show the harbor.



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The Polaris Hotel.  Probably the worst hotel in Nome, but others were full up.  This is the "high season" for Alaska.  First floor is a liquor store and bar.  The bar advertises that it stays open until 2 AM.  It does and the juke box plays until that time also.  Photo 11 is a look at one their finer rooms.

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Photo 11

This is the church that can be seen from the air in Photo 1.  Some form of celebration was going on (never did quite figure it out).  The girls in photos 18 and 19 were singing to the rock music playing in the background until they were run off.


The four-wheeler in photo 24 is the usual way of getting around town for those not old enough to drive a car.




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The area in front of the church is dedicated to gold miners.  Photo 25 shows a giant gold pan and three miners.  Photos 26, 27, and 28 are details of the miners.


Photo 29 is an ore bucket.  These things and other related mining equipment are all over the place in Nome.  Apparently it was too expensive to move the equipment elsewhere when the gold ran out.  In photo 14 you can see these ore buckets surround the area in front of the church.


Photo 30 shows the city slogan: "There's No Place Like Nome."


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I walked down Front Street to the Visitor Center which can been seen by a webcam which updated every minute.


Waling down the left side of the visitor center you come to the beach facing Norton Sound.  Photos 29 and 30 show the view from the seawall.  Photo 31 shows what's behind the Visitor Center: More junk.


Photo 32 is the headquarters of one of the native corporations.


Photo 33 celebrates the Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile Transpolar Flight of 1926 of the Airship Norge N1.

Photo 29

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Photo 31

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Photo 33


The "Wal-Mart" of Alaska is the AC Center.  I became aware of this in Bethel a couple of years ago.  If they don't have it here you probably can't get it short of Anchorage.


These are pictures taken while walking to the AC Center (about 1/2 mile from the hotel).  Photo 35 is another example of mining junk.  Photos 36, 37, 38 and 39 were taken while returning to the hotel (walking back towards Norton Sound).  As you can see people get a little sparse away from the waterfront.  Photo 39 is the local cemetery and the airstrip for Nome runs right behind it.  Nice feature when you're landing.


Photos 41, 42, and 43 show the Nome Ambulance, Fire House, and Police Station.


Photos 44, 45, 46, and 47 show some of the building as you get back into town.





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In photos 48 and 49 you can see Nome from Norton Sound.  The long road leading back from the city is the road to the AC Center.


Not quite sure what photo 50 is.  Probably a dredger; it was offshore from Nome.

Photo 48

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