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Sonoma, California

Sonoma City Hall and a Eucalyptus(?) tree in the square around City Hall.

Car in the lot next to the Inn at Sonoma.

Beringer Vineyards

Courtyard at Beringer Vineyards.

A tour of the original vineyard with Angel

Views of the original vineyard.

Interested in how they get the wine from the grapes.


The Beringer Brothers.  When they died they were stuffed and put on permanent display.

Cider press originally used to press grapes.  Didn't work out.

Wine tasting in the original Beringer caverns.

Sterling Vineyards

Trams to the top of the hill.

Just about the only interesting part of the winemaking displays.

The walkway with the sunlight looked inviting - but, the chain withdrew the invitation.

Avid photographer


Nice flowers on the terrace.